Hyperthyroidism is a common condition in elderly cats.   Several different types of treatment are available, including daily tablets and topical medicated gels, to manage the condition through to radioactive iodine treatment.

Radioactive iodine has become a preferred treatment for hyperthyroidism.  This treatment is normally curative, and involves a single injection of the Radioactive Iodine, then a period of isolation while radiation levels fall.  Ongoing treatment is generally then not required.

Helen has a special interest in the treatment of hyperthyroid cats with radioactive iodine and can answer your questions about how it works.

At the Vets has a radiation-isolation facility for treating and housing cats during the post-treatment period.


This cat has been sedated to receive it’s injection of radioactive iodine safely.  She will now spend 5-7 days in our isolation unit before heading home again to be with her family:

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Cats stay in these units after their treatment.