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  • From Thursday 14th May, we are able to have clients accompany their pets in the clinic for vet visits. We do ask that only ONE person per pet comes inside, and please no children.
    We will still require all clients to call us from the car park to advise you are here. A nurse will let you know when to come inside. This is to avoid congestion in the clinic so we can maintain safe social distancing.
    You will be asked to use our sanitation station on entry, and to follow the safety protocols we have in place when inside.
    Anyone purchasing food, medications or anything over the counter will need to give us a call first, and we will organise payment and preferably keep this contactless using our drop-box at our front door. Our door will remain locked.
    Anyone entering the clinic will be asked some contact details for contact tracing.
    Our clinic hours will remain 8am-6pm.
    We have been flat out and do apologise if it takes a bit longer to get back to you if calling or emailing, so thank you all for being so patient we really appreciate it ❤️🐶🐱🐰🐾

  • Alert Level 3 – What Does It Mean For Your Vet Clinic?

    CLICK HERE to view our newsletter about moving to Alert Level 3

    UPDATE:  (9.5.2020) We have extended our opening hours, and changed our weekend hours back to normal.

    New hours:   Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm,   Saturday  9am to 3pm,  Sunday 10am to 2pm.

    Routine surgeries are done Monday to Friday.    Restrictions apply – please read our newsletter for an update on those.



  • Covid19 – new protocols for clients/visitors to the clinic

    UPDATED 5pm Monday 23rd March:

    Due to COVID-19, At the Vets have implemented the following protocols, effective immediately.
    The safety of our clients and our staff is paramount, so these are COMPULSORY.

    From Wednesday we will be working two separate vet/nurse teams, on completely separate days (not overlapping) and reduced opening hours. For the immediate future we will only be open 9am to 5pm, 7 days. Reduced hours are required to not burn out staff, and since demand for ‘after work’ consult times will be low.
    Emergencies outside these hours will be catered for of course, until the After Hours clinic opens. Call the usual number for help – if you don’t get an answer, leave a message as we get those straight away. DO NOT turn up at the clinic and expect to be seen otherwise.

    ONLY ONE person is permitted per visit. DO NOT bring your children and friends with you.
    ONLINE BOOKINGS are temporarily suspended, please call to make an appointment or if you are bringing in an emergency case.

    There will now be NO ACCESS to the clinic by any clients. Staff ONLY are allowed inside. The front door will be locked, staff will collect your pet from you outside and bring them in to be seen by the vets. We can conduct the consultation using speaker phones, so bring your mobiles with you. Payment with debit and credit cards can be done over the phone also, or our eftpos machine works outside.

    If you or someone in your household are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness or have travelled overseas in the last 15 days, or are in self isolation, please STAY IN YOUR CAR with your pet. Call the clinic number to let us know you have arrived 03 3326632 and we can instruct you from there. Please do not be alarmed when staff come out in protective gear – it’s a necessary precaution.

    Prepayment with debit and credit cards over the phone is possible for foods and products. Prepayment is required if we are ordering in goods for you.

    We will increase our DROP OFF SERVICE so use this if you would prefer to drop a pet with us and pick them up later. In these cases, the vet will consult with you over the phone with any concerns. We can examine your pet with you communicating with the vet via speaker phone. Booking will be essential for this service.

    Our hospital will be disinfected two – three times daily in addition to all exam rooms being disinfected after each patient. Be assured that we use effective disinfectant solutions at correct concentrations and are cleaning all surfaces and floors effectively.

    These new guidelines will cause longer wait times, so please be patient. We will endeavour to make sure you are seen as soon as possible.

    REMOTE CONSULTATIONS are possible now thanks to the NZ Vet council relaxing rules around this. This means that we could messenger video chat with you rather than you coming into the clinic, if you are in isolation or too concerned to come in with your pet. Obviously there are limitations with this, but for simple conditions or things we have seen your pet for before its a good option. Call ahead to arrange a time our vets can talk to you. There is a $75 consultation fee for all remote/phone/email consultations, and medications can be couriered or collected outside the clinic. Courier fees apply, but given delivery times may be longer, for urgent supplies we suggest collecting from the clinic. Payment for these services can be made over the phone with debit and credit cards.

    We appreciate your understanding and support as we strive to continue to provide the best in patient care while also keeping our staff and clients safe, particularly the most vulnerable members of our society.
    While many of us will be fine it’s important that we don’t disregard those for whom this could be a devastating illness.

    We also need to keep our staff safe and healthy so we can remain in operation and continue to provide help all our animals.

    It would be sensible at this point to ensure you have adequate supplies of pet foods, products and medications, and any routine visits due now/soon are up to date (vaccinations, neutering etc).
    While we currently do not anticipate supply issues and our wholesaler has assured us they are staying open, this is a rapidly evolving situation, and being prepared is sensible. We will try to keep higher stocks on hand also.
    CALL AHEAD and pay with your card over the phone if you would like your order made up for you so your collection is quicker. If you then call when here we can bring it out to your car.

    We are happy to answer any questions on 3326632 or by email on
    Stay safe everyone


  • Australian bushfires

    Heather is a volunteer with Animal Evac NZ, and was selected to join a specialist group of ten trained volunteers to provide communities with assistance during January.  Animal Evac have been set up in NZ to manage animals in disasters – we are a new organisation and rapidly growing.   Although our primary focus is in NZ, we were asked by SAFE to assist in Australia.

    We flew from Wellington to Sydney, and collected supplies and equipment in Sydney before heading out to Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains.  There we assisted a local trained wildlife darter to search for and capture injured kangaroos.  As expected, most of the injuries were severe and the roos feet were badly burned, but it was heartening to see that a lot had survived the fires somehow.  The survivors were struggling to find food and water, and local farmers had begun putting food and buckets of water out for the wildlife.

    From there we travelled down to Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands (the first day was a long one!).   We met with the local vets, and wildlife carers.  We were especially impressed with Greg and Justine from Dimmocks Wildlife Retreat who take in injured and orphaned wildlife and care for them.  They rely entirely on donations to fund the rehabilitation of the animals.  Their property was threatened by the fires and they had to evacuate all the wildlife there several times.

    We also met with John from Wombat Care Bundanoon who was focused on providing much needed food and medical care to wombats and other wildlife throughout the area – he brought in a trailer load of food daily and the locals collected it to take out to the bush.  Another local, Steph,  was running another program as the Southern Highlands wildlife food co-operative making and maintaining water stations throughout the bush and organising feeding stations.

    We went along to the pre-evacuation community meeting in Bundanoon to talk to pet owners about evacuation procedures for their pets (and gave out a large number of pet carriers to make sure none got left behind).  Also went to an evacuation centre at the showgrounds in Mittagong to better understand the needs for such shelters when we have to use them in NZ.

    We evacuated (along with most of the residents) that day as the fires were forecast to threaten the town,  with 90km winds due and the fire front only 3km from town.   Somehow the RFS managed to keep the fires back and the town was saved with minimal property loss.    Dimmocks evacuated again in the middle of the night!

    We went south to Batemans Bay – an area totally burnt out, including properties in the street where we stayed.  The next day, we searched a property on Pointers mountain for surviving wildlife,  then another area of bush at Broulee.  Then we met with Rae, who runs the Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary  near Batemans Bay.  The property was devastated by fire on New Years Eve and Rae and another friend (and her cat!) were evacuated by boat when their neighbour came to collect them.  The fire destroyed the property and her home.   Somehow around half of the 50 Eastern Grey Kangaroos survived, probably because they ran to the mangrove swamp below the property.  Some had minor injuries, but others had third degree burns to their feet.

    We set up camp here for three days, brought lights and a generator and basic needs, and we searched the property to find injured animals and treat them.   I’m happy to report  that those we were treating are now happily hopping around on their previously painful raw feet and doing ok.   Also on the property on the third day was Marcus from Alphadog who is a registered darter also, and he managed to capture some roos that were injured and hiding out.   Another charity, Reach out Worldwide arrived – what an amazing bunch of people – they arrived with a truckload of gear and got to work building a hospital enclosure (which meant that the injured roos could be contained rather than released after treatment for ongoing care), and several shelters for Rae to feed them under.

    My lasting impression of the tragedy, is the resilience and compassion of the local people – they were so grateful that someone had come to help.  The environment and wildlife populations will take a long time to recover.  So many smaller groups are involved in caring for their wildlife, and they are doing it without a lot of money and in their own time.

    Funds raised at the clinic have been donated to the charities above, and we will continue to support them ongoing.  Please visit their websites if you would like to contribute directly, or we are happy to pass on funds if you wish to leave a donation with us at the clinic.

    Here are some of the pictures we took:


    Wildlife search in the Blue Mountains



    Bundanoon, Rescue groups and evacuation centre




    Pointers mountain search and south to Bateman’s Bay through the burnt National parks.



    Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary



  • RWAF Rabbit Friendly Award

    We are very proud to let you know that At The Vets has been awarded SILVER rabbit friendly status by the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund!
    We are the first clinic outside the UK to achieve this and are delighted to be recognised for our dedication to providing the best veterinary care for our bunny patients.
    The award is given out following stringent auditing of our procedures, training, equipment and care of rabbits within our clinic – we are super excited to have this!


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Drop Off Service

We offer a drop off service where you can drop your pet off at the clinic while you are at work

we can then either treat your pet while you are at work, or wait until you can have a consultation with a vet after work.

To speed up admission you can download a form by clicking on the button below.


Fill out as much detail as possible, supply daytime (work) and mobile numbers if possible, sign at the bottom, and bring it in with your pet.

Please note, a small charge for the hospitalization will apply.