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    • Our Purpose-built Clinic

      Opened in 2009, our hospital has been purpose built to accommodate the different needs of the pets we treat here.

      Our reception area provides a comfortable place to wait, and a full range of premium pet products and pet foods.

      There are two main consulting rooms and a third which our nurses and visiting consultants use.

      The various wards, our surgery, laboratory and imaging room adjoin the treatment room, which is the hub of our hospital area.

      Individual wards include:
      Cat ward: Where hospitalised cats can relax (away from noisy dogs), in luxurious warm cages.

      Dog Ward: With lovely underfloor heating and huge cages, where dogs can recover in peace. The cages are placed so that neighbouring dogs cannot see each other, so should not feel threatened.

      Rabbit Ward: We understand rabbits! They are a prey species, think they’re pretty special and shouldn’t be lumped in the same ward with predators (i.e. dogs and cats). So we’ve built them their own space in the new clinic, where they can relax away from all those carnivores. We can also look after yours when you’re on holiday if needed.

      Intensive Care/Recovery: This area is within the treatment room and designed to provide constant supervision to intensive care patients and those recovering from anaesthesia. It includes an oxygen cage and an incubator.

      Isolation Ward: We have a special ward in the clinic for isolation of infectious disease cases requiring intensive care.

      Radioactive Iodine Treatment Unit: for hospitalising hyperthyroid cats during treatment.

      We have invested in an advanced heating and ventilation system to ensure comfortable temperatures throughout the clinic, especially in wards, and installed under floor heating through the dog kennels.

      We offer free onsite parking. There is space for disabled parking, and full disabled (wheelchair) access to the clinic. There are 8 car parks on site and plenty along Brougham Street just along from the clinic. Access to the clinic is via either the rear driveway from Waltham Road, or the main Brougham St entrance.

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    Drop Off Service

    We offer a drop off service where you can drop your pet off at the clinic while you are at work

    we can then either treat your pet while you are at work, or wait until you can have a consultation with a vet after work.

    To speed up admission you can download a form by clicking on the button below.


    Fill out as much detail as possible, supply daytime (work) and mobile numbers if possible, sign at the bottom, and bring it in with your pet.

    Please note, a small charge for the hospitalization will apply.