Dr Helen Keane – MVB


Helen graduated from University College Dublin, Ireland, in 2008 and worked in both mixed and small animal practice in the UK before making the move to New Zealand in 2011.

Helen has a particular interest in rabbit medicine and surgery, as well as guinea pigs, rats and other small furry’s. She also enjoys looking after older cats and runs the Radioactive Iodine Treatment Unit for Hyperthyroid cats. Other professional interests include Oncology, Chemotherapy and Endocrinology.

Outside of work, Helen enjoys tramping, skiing, knitting, good coffee, relaxing with friends and showing visiting family members her favourite parts of New Zealand. She can’t say no to a cute face and so far has two guinea pigs, Beetroot and Latte, two rabbits, Truffles and Edamame, and a cat called Didymo at home, all rescue pets!