Sye has an airgun pellet removed from his lung

Our October Pet of the Month “Sye” was shot last week with an airgun near his home in Addington.  He came in to us on Thursday evening unable to stand on his front legs (the ligaments in his carpal joints were sprained – we assume from falling hard on them) and he had a bleeding puncture wound in the front of his chest.

We took xrays, and found a slug gun pellet lodged in his chest.


sye 1



On Friday we operated to remove the pellet, which involved opening his chest wall to remove a piece of lung that the bullet was lodged in.  The surgery is difficult and risky, and he stayed in intensive care for a day afterward.

He is recovering at home now, and we hope he is soon back to his normal self.

He has featured in the newspapers this week and the SPCA are investigating.  We would love to see people who think it’s ok to abuse animals like this brought to justice.