***UPDATE*** Puppy classes are currently on hold while we work under Red traffic light settings.


Join us for Puppy Pre-School

What’s on offer:

We want to help you teach your puppy in a fun and interactive environment, so your puppy understands basic manners and training with safe, fun and calm socialisation skills.

SIT – DOWN – STAND – LEAVE – STAY  are all important to teach your puppy.  But, we also want to help you in training your puppy so that visits to the veterinary clinic can be fun and stress free for both of you.

We also want to help you with setting up Daily routines, Toilet Training, Crate Training, and so much more!

If you have a new 4-legged, furry, new family member that “woofs” and is between 8-14 weeks old then call to reserve a place on our next course.

Note, we strive to make this a personal, fun environment for all involved and so each session will be limited to a total of 5 puppies.

The course will last for 5 weeks, on Wednesday evenings, with the first session for the happy owners only.  The puppies will then join us for the second week.

Contact us to register your interest