Christmas 2016 Newsletter


Merry Christmas!
It’s that crazy time of year again, and we bring to your attention the Christmas hazards that your pet may encounter, from rich foods and turkey bones, to certain festive plants that can be poisonous to pets.
We have some interesting stories this month, read our superhero cat story about ‘Toulouse’ who saves his best friend ‘Treacle’ during a dog attack, also a feel-good story about ‘Luna’ who has found her owners again after being missing for 2 years! Learn about Malocclusion  in rabbits by reading ‘Tyrion’s story, and what to do (or not to do!) if you notice that your bunny’s teeth are not growing straight.

At The Vets Christmas and New Year’s Hours:
We are Closed: Sunday December 25th
                              Monday December 26th
                              Tuesday December 27th

                              Sunday January 1st
                             Monday January 2nd
                             Tuesday January 3rd

We are open for our regular clinic hours on all the other days of December and January.