• Autumn 2018 newsletter

    In our Autumn newsletter, get some tips about how to keep your rabbits warm during the cooler months. 
    Read about Olly the Bichon’s bladder stone diagnosis and surgery. 
  • January 2018 Newsletter

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    Find out all about what a Cat Friendly Clinic means for your cat when you visit us.

    If you have recently had a pet diagnosed with a chronic or sudden illness and would like someone to talk to, or need some friendly advice, then read up about our new palliative care clinic

    Adopted a new kitten over Christmas? Our new kitten packages are the perfect option to take any hassle out of caring for your new addition

  • November 2017 Newsletter

    Check out our photos of the adorable foster kittens our Nurses have been looking after

    Our September Open Day was a HUGE success so thank you to everyone who came along. We have some great snaps of humans and dogs enjoying the day

    Our new “how did we do that” section shows you how we surgically extract a tooth in a puppy.

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  • September 2017 newsletter

    Our September newsletter is online here

    Find out about our exciting Open Day event coming up in September, you won’t want to miss out on this!

    See what Tayler and Becky got up to while they were volunteering in Tonga with the SPAW Foundation

    Heather flew over to Cambodia last month and worked with some amazing patients – Hero Rats! These are definitely not your average rat

  • June 2017 Newsletter


    We have an interesting story this month about a young Labrador who has a fetish for eating things she shouldn’t!

    With winter fast approaching some of our older cats and dogs may start showing signs of arthritis. We discuss this issue and some of the treatments available at our clinic.

    Fleas are still a problem even when its cold. We introduce our new flea product Simparica and the awesome deal exclusive to At the Vets

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Drop Off Service

We offer a drop off service where you can drop your pet off at the clinic while you are at work

we can then either treat your pet while you are at work, or wait until you can have a consultation with a vet after work.

To speed up admission you can download a form by clicking on the button below.


Fill out as much detail as possible, supply daytime (work) and mobile numbers if possible, sign at the bottom, and bring it in with your pet.

Please note, a small charge for the hospitalization will apply.