October 2020
  • Rabbit Vaccine availability update:

    Dear Rabbit Owners,
    Due to supply issues out of our control, we have not been able to get the Filavac rabbit vaccination for a few months and have been told by MPI that it will not be available until late November at the earliest. We are concerned that many rabbits will now be overdue for their annual health check and vaccination and potentially be left at risk of calicivirus.
    We would like to offer you the following options:
    1. If your rabbit is not due for vaccination yet, please wait until they are due and get in touch with us then to see if we have the vaccine in stock.
    2. If your rabbit is due or overdue for vaccination, we recommend coming in for a health check with a vet now. Your vet can discuss with you at this time whether it would be advisable to give Cylap (the old vaccine) in the meantime- this will mainly be for higher risk rabbits such as those living outdoors near the red zone. We can then add you to our waiting list and one of our nurses can give the Filavac vaccination when it arrives.
    3. If your rabbit has never been vaccinated, we recommend coming in for a health check and the Cylap vaccination now. We can then add you to our waiting list and one of our nurses can give the Filavac vaccination when it arrives.

    The Cylap vaccination provides protection against two out of the three strains of calicivirus that we have in New Zealand, whereas Filavac provides protection against all three strains. In rabbits that have never been vaccinated or are significantly overdue their annual booster, Cylap will provide some protection while we wait for Filavac to become available again.

    The cost of a health check and Filavac vaccination is $98.45 and we are aiming not to charge any more than this overall even if your rabbit comes in for two visits. So if you come in for a health check initially, the cost will be $59 per rabbit, our standard consult fee. When you come in for the Filavac vaccination with one of our nurses, we will then charge the balance of $39.45. If you choose to have the Cylap vaccination we will charge $69 initially to cover the cost of the Cylap and health check, and then $39.45 when you come for the Filavac.
    Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns or would like to be added to our Filavac waiting list.

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Drop Off Service

We offer a drop off service where you can drop your pet off at the clinic while you are at work

we can then either treat your pet while you are at work, or wait until you can have a consultation with a vet after work.

To speed up admission you can download a form by clicking on the button below.


Fill out as much detail as possible, supply daytime (work) and mobile numbers if possible, sign at the bottom, and bring it in with your pet.

Please note, a small charge for the hospitalization will apply.