Spring 2016 Newsletter

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This month, we start with the life story of Hudson, a 15 year old Siamese cat who is a regular VIP at our clinic. Next is an article on young Chester who has eaten his share of socks and stones in a short 3 months.
With the warmer weather, a lot of people are now thinking about preventing fleas, and what products to use. Bravecto is a beef flavoured tablet that will kill fleas for up to 12 weeks, so you only have to remember to give the treatment at each change of season.
We are very proud of our nurse Becky for winning a competition to Tonga to help animals in need, she will be off to Tonga at the end of September, so keep an eye out for further news on her exciting experience.
Good news, Charlie the little Cashmere Lop has been re-homed successfully.
Pet of the Month Winner is Billiejean!