November 2013
  • Pip

    Hope you are all enjoying Show Day.
    Pip here is having a ball with a teddy won at the show (I imagine by the time we get home later there will be stuffing all over the lounge!)

  • Beautiful blue eyes

    Aren’t these Ragdoll kittens just beautiful? What big blue eyes! They already have homes to go to for Christmas, some very happy new owners will be looking forward to taking home their little fluffy bundle soon.

  • Benny’s First Vaccination

    Benny is a gorgeous wee 9 week old bunny, here for his first vaccination. We think his owner Ian must be very proud

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Drop Off Service

We offer a drop off service where you can drop your pet off at the clinic while you are at work

we can then either treat your pet while you are at work, or wait until you can have a consultation with a vet after work.

To speed up admission you can download a form by clicking on the button below.


Fill out as much detail as possible, supply daytime (work) and mobile numbers if possible, sign at the bottom, and bring it in with your pet.

Please note, a small charge for the hospitalization will apply.