Tayler Rolleston

Veterinary Nurse

Tayler joined the team in January 2015 while she was studying to become a Veterinary Nurse. She has since then graduated with a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. Tayler is also a New Zealand Registered Veterinary Nurse. Prior to the decision of becoming a Veterinary Nurse, she completed a Certificate in Animal Management (Captive Wild Animals), which is the national qualification required to be a zookeeper.

Tayler has a house-full of animals, Siri and Narla the cats, Gandalf and Dumbledore the rabbits, and Doy the Labrador.

Tayler runs the puppy preschool classes with Afra. She has achieved the Cat Friendly Clinic status for our clinic, and organizes our vet nursing student roster as well as give them training and feedback. Tayler enjoys using her nursing knowledge and skills to  scrub-in and assist with orthopedic surgeries. She finds it rewarding to discharge successful surgical cases and teach owners how to look after and medicate their pets post-operatively.

In her spare time, Tayler plays in a netball team with Becky.