Nicki Shackelton

Veterinary Pathologist

After qualifying as a Veterinarian and spending a few years in small animal practice, Nicki spent several years in the US and Canada where she qualified in the specialist field of diagnostic clinical pathology. She holds the Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, which is the highest qualification in the field of clinical pathology! After many years of working in academia and diagnostic laboratories, she created her own private consultancy, called Veterinary Clinical Pathology Ltd. Nicki provides a pathology consultancy service to our clinic, often ‘hands-on’ in the clinic with the animals, working with us to diagnose your pet’s problem.

Nicki enjoys pottering around her small farm in her free time. She also spends time riding her horses, reading, and watching movies. With the large number of cases she handles for us, it’s hard to imagine she has much spare time at all!