Our surgeons understand the anxiety that goes with having a surgical procedure performed on your pet.

We are experienced at performing both basic and advanced surgeries – everything from desexing and lump removals through to complicated tumor resections, abdominal surgery and orthopaedics.

Our nursing team is fully trained in all aspects of anaesthesia, and in every case, there is a nurse monitoring your pet during its entire procedure and recovery period, right through to discharge.  We utilise sophisticated monitoring equipment and your dedicated nurse will monitor every aspect of your pet’s period under anaesthesia.

We use the best anaesthetic drugs and equipment to ensure a safe procedure for every patient.

You will have a discharge consultation with a nurse (or for more complicated procedures with your vet) when you collect your pet after surgery, and the required post-operative care and administration of any medications, will be explained to you.


We also have an incubator for animals requiring oxygen therapy and warmth, for postoperative recovery, respiratory disease, neonates and acute injuries.