We can perform a variety of laboratory testing at the clinic and provide almost instantaneous results.


Our IDEXX Catalyst blood chemistry analyser tests your pet’s liver and kidney health, blood glucose levels, electrolyte levels, and thyroid hormone levels.  This aids us in diagnosing a number of diseases and enables us to treat your pet accordingly.   Our IDEXX Procyte Haematology analyser provides fast analysis of blood cell counts, helping in the diagnosis of cancers, infections, anaemias and other disorders involving the blood, and helps in treatment monitoring (especially during chemotherapy). Urine testing is also done on site and includes microscopy of sediment (looking for indicators of infection and inflammation, stones/crystals and sometimes cancers of the bladder), dipstick analysis (for glucose/ketones/blood or protein in urine) , and concentration (called “specific gravity”).

Preanaesthetic blood panels are also done with our Catalyst analyser.  Checking your pet’s liver and kidney function before anaesthesia helps us to identify any risk factors which may change the type of anaesthesia we use.

We have recently expanded our in-house testing to include analysis of urine sediment and other body fluids with our Sedivue analyser.  It’s basically a powerful microscope camera which centrifuges the sample then takes 70 high power photographs of cells and elements in the sample for our vets to view.  Testing gives results in a matter of minutes.

We also perform skin scrapings (for parasites), and cytology in house.  These tests help us to use the correct medications to treat ear and skin diseases in particular.  Our clinical pathologist analyses FNA’s (fine needle aspirates) of suspicious lesions and tumors onsite also.

In house tests are available here for Canine Parvovirus, Giardia, Feline Leukaemia virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

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Nicki Shackleton holds the Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and has become a private consultant to Veterinary Practitioners, forming her own company, Veterinary Clinical Pathology Ltd.

Nicki’s skills are used in the diagnosis of a variety of animal diseases. Samples such as blood, urine, joint fluids, and needle aspirates of masses are examined by Nicki using her special pathology microscope.

She is able to identify a range of diseases and disease processes in animals. By obtaining and examining samples sooner, correct and successful treatments can be started.With Nicki working alongside our vets, answers to some important and helpful test results can be obtained rapidly.   She examines tissue samples and also interprets the results of a variety of blood tests, and is available to our veterinarians to have in-depth discussions about diagnoses, further testing and prognosis of individual cases.