Keeping your dog or cat’s teeth and gums healthy has many more benefits than just having sweet clean breath!

As with humans, dental disease in dogs and cats can lead to heart, liver and kidney disease, and frequently associated with oral pain, infection and inflammation.  Bacteria spread via the blood stream from infected teeth to the internal organs, so dental disease affects the whole body.

At our clinic, we perform many dental procedures such as removing tartar with an ultrasonic descaler, polishing teeth, removing fractured or rotting teeth, removing oral masses, or retained baby teeth.  We can also perform root canal surgery.

This is all done under a general anaesthetic for a non-traumatic experience for your pet.  Nerve blocks are often performed for additional pain relief when extracting teeth.  Appropriate pain relief and antibiotic medication are dispensed after the dental procedure.

We use a dental xray machine, similar to the one your human dentist uses, which allows us to take detailed xrays of your pet’s teeth and make better decisions around the correct treatment option for your pet. Our staff are trained in the latest extraction techniques and in providing pain-free dentistry.

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Following dental treatment, a nurse will teach you the options on how to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy for life.

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